• Rebecca Fawcett-Smith

Local Youth Thanks Community

Thanks to the generosity of the Narangba community, 15-year-old Kaidan Evans has learnt the value of hard work, the power of social media and the meaning of community spirit.

In October last year, Kaidan took the initiative to post in the Narangba Watch Facebook page offering odd jobs so he could save for his dream freestyle BMX bike. After a week of jobs including mowing, weeding and running rubbish to the local tip, Kaidan had saved enough to buy his bike, however his joy was short-lived when only a week after purchasing it, it was stolen from Burpengary Plaza.

“He was shattered, because it was something that he wanted so badly and that he had literally worked so hard for,” says Kaidan’s mum, Em.

Devastated for her son, Em posted in Narangba Watch alerting the community that the bike they had helped Kaidan buy had been stolen, and asking that they keep an eye out for it. Brock Jaeger of B&D Realty (who Kaidan had distributed leaflets for) went one better, posting on the Connect Narangba Facebook page asking members to help raise $1,000 for a replacement bike, and pledging the first $100.00. Chris O’Brien of Leolec Electrical & Air was first to respond, promising $150.00, followed by Narangba Valley News owner, Bruce Giddings, who donated $100.00 and offered to be a collection point for donations. Within 24 hours of Bruce’s call to action on the Narangba Watch page, over twenty donations had been received and the target reached, with Bruce having to turn other would-be supporters away.

“It [the fundraising] was completely out of the blue for us,” explains Em. “We had no idea it was happening until I got an inbox from Bruce. It was just amazing how fast the community came together to help a young boy who had worked so hard to get what he wanted.”

With the money raised, Kaidan was able to buy a new bike, helmet, pegs, chain lock and pump.

“As soon as we bought the bike I rang Brock, Bruce and Chris and asked them if we could meet outside Narangba Valley News so we could take a photo (pictured) and give them thank you cards,” says Em. Later, Kaidan gave Brock, Bruce and Chris a framed copy of the photo as a keepsake.

Now one step closer to realising his dream of one day being a BMX pro, Kaidan continues to perform odd jobs for the community, with a BMX racing bike his next goal.

“Just because he’s got his dream bike he’s not stopping,” says Em proudly. “There’s always bigger and better things he wants to do. There’s no stopping him.”

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